Data and content management

The amount and diversity of data on the Web offer exciting opportunities and challenges for data management. Data on the Web is semi-structured, its semantics are typically only apparent from the context and extracting the data can often be challenging.

We welcome original high-quality research submissions related to all aspects of management of data on the Web including, but not limited to, the following topics :

  • Web and cloud data management
  • XML and RDF processing
  • Meta data; annotation, provenance
  • Structured data on the web (deep web, tables, lists)
  • Content extraction, integration, wrappers
  • Multimedia data management
  • Combining structured and unstructured data

Program committee :

  • Abiteboul, Serge
  • Cui, Bin
  • Dalvi, Nilesh
  • Das Sarma, Anish
  • Deutch, Daniel
  • Deutsch, Alin
  • Doulkeridis, Christos
  • Fontoura, Marcus
  • Fundulaki, Irini
  • Halevy, Alon
  • Kemper, Alfons
  • Loo, Boon Thau
  • Marian, Amélie
  • Mattoso, Marta
  • Moro, Mirella M.
  • Rigaux, Philippe
  • Rousset, Marie-Christine
  • Sahuguet, Arnaud
  • Stoyanovich, Julia
  • Su, Jianwen
  • Wang, Haixun
  • Weng, Jianshu
  • Yu, Jeffrey
  • Zhou, Xiaofang