Metadata initiative

Metadata is essential on the Web to improve information retrieval, provide enriched, personalised user experience, provide structured, machine readable content to software agents gathering Web data, and much more. To participate to the effort of putting data and metadata on the Web, the WWW Conference Metadata initiative is working at exposing data relevant to the conference in a standard form, namely RDF. RDF is a key enabler to interoperability and integration of data-driven applications on the Web.

The first mission of the initiative is to translate data and metadata about accepted papers, authors, committee, programme, locations available in various forms into the lingua franca of Linked Data and the Semantic Web: the Resource Description Framework. By doing this, we expect that existing or forthcoming applications that leverage the Web of Data will integrate that extra bit of knowledge to enhance their service, perfect their mashups, meliorate their statistics.

In order to demonstrate the utility of exposing those data in a structured, standard format online, we plan to propose a W3C Metadata Challenge, where Linked Data geeks and SemWeb hackers can show off their skills on the data of the conference.

www2012 Metadata board :

  • Local Co-Chairs : Antoine Zimmerman
  • International Co-Chairs : Daniel Schwabe