www2012 Correspondents

You want to be an active partners of www2012, you can join our team and become one among our (foreign) correspondents.

Your Missions

  • Raise awareness about www2012
  • Attract the best and brightest to www2012 : communicate to www2012 team any information you identify which can help attract to www2012 conference
  • Help recruit new correspondents : help build up the network of correspondents by explaining the www2012 conference, your role and involvement, and by encouraging your personal and professional contacts to join us
  • Promote the conference, and diffuse related information
  • Produce useful information on the network
  • Help us to get in touch with potential sponsors or exhibitors

Why ?

Because each individual effort, when pooled with the efforts of many others, can make the difference in the success of www2012.

Your tools

Your ideas ?

Register to our www2012 correspondent’s mailing list and share every ideas you have to improve the conference.