Press accreditation

www2012 provides accredited members of the press with a wide range of services before, during and after the conference.

Press badges are limited to members of the printed or electronic press currently employed by a news organisation. To qualify for a complimentary media pass, all applicants must present a valid 2012 press card.

Freelance writers must present an original letter of assignment from a qualifying editor or publication and one sample of an article published in the last six months.

Those who freelance occasionally and are employed by non-news organisations are not eligible for press accreditation.

Online Media

An online news outlet must contain original news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributions. Each news outlet must post original and dated education or industry-related news at least once per week.

Bloggers must cover education-related topics on a regular basis. Blogs must show a significant readership of at least 15,000 per month.

Please Note
You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation costs. Hotel and travel information can be obtained at www2012 press service.

Past approval for a press badge to a prior www2012 conference does not guarantee approval for this event. We reserve the right to refuse press badges during pre-registration as well as on-site media registration.

Please be advised that press passes are limited in number and are reserved for commercial news outlets.

To obtain press accreditation, applicants may register in advance by submitting the proper credentials. If approved, you will receive confirmation from our press department. For your convenience, all press badges will be held in the press office on-site for pick-up.


Download Press accreditation form and send it to