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Additional Companion

www2012 Companion [available on ACM DL]

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Program Chairs' Welcome
Michael Rabinovich (CASE Western)
Steffen Staab (University of Koblenz-Landau)

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Message from the Chair of IW3C2
Mary Ellen Zurko (IBM Software Group)

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www2012 Organization

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www2012 Companion Tracks & Workshops
Industry Track SWDM'12 Workshop XperienceWeb'12 Workshop
PhD Symposium CQA'12 Workshop EMAIL'12 Workshop
EU Track AdMIRe'12 Workshop MultiAPro'12 Workshop
Demo Track LSNA'12 Workshop SWCS'12 Workshop
Poster Track MSND'12 Workshop
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Industry Track

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WWW Industry Track (Page 1)
Gregory Grefenstette, Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Web-Scale User Modeling for Targeting (Page 3)
Mohamed Aly, Andrew Hatch, Vanja Josifovski, Vijay Narayanan

Outage Detection via Real-Time Social Stream Analysis: Leveraging The Power of Online Complaints (Page 13)
Eriq Augustine, Cailin Cushing, Alex Dekhtyar, Kevin McEntee, Kimberly Paterson, Matt Tognetti

Optimizing User Exploring Experience in Emerging E-Commerce Products (Page 23)
Xiubo Geng, Xin Fan, Jiang Bian, Xin Li, Zhaohui Zheng

FoCUS: Learning to Crawl Web Forums (Page 33)
Jingtian Jiang, Nenghai Yu, Chin-Yew Lin

Answering Math Queries with Search Engines (Page 43)
Shahab Kamali, Johnson Apacible, Yasaman Hosseinkashi

Hierarchical Composable Optimization of Web Pages (Page 53)
Ronny Lempel, Ronen Barenboim, Edward Bortnikov, Nadav Golbandi, Amit Kagian, Liran Katzir, Hayim Makabee, Scott Roy, Oren Somekh

Delta-Reasoner: A Semantic Web Reasoner for an Intelligent Mobile Platform (Page 63)
Boris Motik, Ian Horrocks, Su Myeon Kim

Rewriting Null E-Commerce Queries to Recommend Products (Page 73)
Gyanit Singh, Nish Parikh, Neel Sundaresn

Towards Expressive Exploratory Search Over Entity-Relationship Data (Page 83)
Sivan Yogev, Haggai Roitman, David Carmel, Naama Zwerdling

Data Extraction from Web Pages Based on Structural-Semantic Entropy (Page 93)
Xiaoqing Zheng, Yiling Gu, Yinsheng Li

Clustering and Load Balancing Optimization for Redundant Content Removal (Page 103)
Shanzhong Zhu, Alexandra Potapova, Maha Alabduljalil, Xin Liu, Tao Yang

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PhD Symposium

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Message from the PhD Symposium Chairs (Page 113)
Sylvie Calabretto, Jalal U. Mahmud, Gabriella Pasi, Pierre-Edouard Portier

From Linked Data to Linked Entities: A Migration Path (Page 115)
Giovanni Bartolomeo, Stefano Salsano

Cyberbullying Detection: A Step Toward a Safer Internet Yard (Page 121)
Maral Dadvar, Franciska de Jong

Intelligent Crawling of Web Applications for Web Archiving (Page 127)
Muhammad Faheem

Binary RDF for Scalable Publishing, Exchanging and Consumption in the Web of Data (Page 133)
Javier D. Fernández

User-generated Metadata in Audio-visual Collections (Page 139)
Riste Gligorov

Scalable Search Platform: Improving Pipelined Query Processing for Distributed Full-Text Retrieval (Page 145)
Simon Jonassen

Building Reputation and Trust Using Federated Search and Opinion Mining (Page 151)
Somayeh Khatiban

A Semantic Policy Sharing and Adaptation Infrastructure for Pervasive Communities (Page 155)
Vikash Kumar

A Generic Graph-based Multidimensional Recommendation Framework and Its Implementations (Page 161)
Sangkeun Lee

Semi-Automatic Semantic Moderation of Web Annotations (Page 167)
Elaheh Momeni

Modeling the Flow and Change of Information on the Web (Page 173)
Nataliia Pobiedina

Context-Aware Image Semantic Extraction in the Social Web (Page 179)
Massimiliano Ruocco

Augmenting the Web with Accountability (Page 185)
Oshani Seneviratne

AMBER: Turning Annotations into Knowledge (Page 191)
Cheng Wang

Chinese News Event 5W1HSemantic Elements Extraction for Event Ontology Population (Page 197)
Wei Wang

Semi-structured Semantic Overlay for Information Retrieval in Self-Organizing Networks (Page 203)
Yulian YANG

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EU Track

www2012 blue bullet

European Web Research in the Making (Page 209)
Julien Masanes,Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Wolfgang Nejdl Marko Grobelnik, Manuel Tomas Carassco Benitez

The ERC Webdam on Foundations of Web Data Management (Page 211)
Serge Abiteboul, Pierre Senellart, Victor Vianu

WAI-ACT: Web Accessibility Now (Page 215)
Shadi Abou-Zahra

GLOCAL: Event-Based Retrieval of Networked Media (Page 219)
Pierre Andrews, Francesco De Natale, Sven Buschbeck, Anthony Jameson, Kerstin Bischoff, Claudiu S. Firan, Claudia Niederée, Vasileios Mezaris, Spiros Nikolopoulos, Vanessa Murdock, Adam Rae

Combining Social Web and BPM for Improving Enterprise Performances: The BPM4People Approach to Social BPM (Page 223)
Marco Brambilla, Piero Fraternali, Carmen Karina Vaca Ruiz

Entity Oriented Search and Exploration for Cultural Heritage Collections: The EU Cultura Project (Page 227)
David Carmel, Naama Zwerdling, Sivan Yogev

The Patents Retrieval Prototype in the MOLTO Project (Page 231)
Milen Chechev, Meritxell Gonzàlez, Lluís Màrquez, Cristina España-Bonet

End-User-Oriented Telco Mashups: the OMELETTE Approach (Page 235)
Olexiy Chudnovskyy, Tobias Nestler, Martin Gaedke, Florian Daniel, José Ignacio Fernández-Villamor, Vadim Chepegin, José Angel Fornas, Scott Wilson, Christoph Kögler, Heng Chang

Multilingual Online Generation From Semantic Web Ontologies (Page 239)
Dana Dannélls, Mariana Damova, Ramona Enache, Milen Chechev

Making Use of Social Media Data in Public Health (Page 243)
Kerstin Denecke, Peter Dolog, Pavel Smrz

SocialSensor: Sensing User Generated Input for Improved Media Discovery and Experience (Page 247)
Sotiris Diplaris, Symeon Papadopoulos, Ioannis Kompatsiaris, Ayse Goker, Andrew Macfarlane, Jochen Spangenberg, Hakim Hacid, Linas Maknavicius, Matthias Klusch

The Multilingual Web: Report on Multilingualweb Initiative (Page 251)
David Filip, Dave Lewis, Felix Sasaki

Mobile Web Applications: Bringing Mobile Apps and Web Together (Page 255)
Marie-Claire Forgue, Dominique Hazaël-Massieux

The CUBRIK Project: Human-Enhanced Time-Aware Multimedia Search (Page 259)
Piero Fraternali, Marco Tagliasacchi, Davide Martinenghi, Alessandro Bozzon, Ilio Catallo, Eleonora Ciceri, Francesco Nucci, Vincenzo Croce, Ismail Sengor Altingovde, Wolf Siberski, Fausto Giunchiglia, Wolfgang Nejdl, Martha Larson, Ebroul Izquierdo, Petr

The webinos Project (Page 263)
Christian Fuhrhop, John Lyle, Shamal Faily

DIADEM: Domain-centric, Intelligent, Automated Data Extraction Methodology (Page 267)
Tim Furche, Georg Gottlob, Giovanni Grasso, Omer Gunes, Xiaoanan Guo, Andrey Kravchenko, Giorgio Orsi, Christian Schallhart, Andrew Sellers, Cheng Wang

Social Media Meta-API: Leveraging the Content of Social Networks (Page 271)
George Papadakis, Konstantinos Tserpes, Emmanuel Sardis, Magdalini Kardara, Athanasios Papaoikonomou, Fotis Aisopos

ARCOMEM - From Collect-All ARchives to COmmunity MEMories (Page 275)
Thomas Risse, Wim Peters

Plan4All GeoPortal: Web of Spatial Data (Page 279)
Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Tomas Mildorf, Karel Charvat, Inga Berzina, Kai-Uwe Krause

Multimedia Search Over Integrated Social and Sensor Networks (Page 283)
John Soldatos, Moez Draief, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis

Tracking Entities in Web Archives: The LAWA Project (Page 287)
Marc Spaniol, Gerhard Weikum

I-SEARCH - A Multimodal Search Engine Based on Rich Unified Content Description (RUCoD) (Page 291)
Thomas Steiner, Lorenzo Sutton, Sabine Spiller, Marilena Lazzaro, Francesco Nucci, Vincenzo Croce, Alberto Massari, Antonio Camurri, Anne Verroust-Blondet, Laurent Joyeux, Jonas Etzold, Paul Grimm, Athanasios Mademlis, Sotiris Malassiotis, Petros Daras, A

Enabling Users to Create Their Own Web-Based Machine Translation Engine (Page 295)
Andrejs Vasiljevs, Raivis Skadins, Indra Samite

Semantic Evaluation At Large Scale (SEALS) (Page 299)
Stuart Wrigley, Raul Garcia-Castro, Lyndon Nixon

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Demo Track

www2012 orange bullet

Message from the Demo Track Chairs (Page 303)
Daniel Muller, Antoine Isaac, Bebo White

Twitcident: Fighting Fire with Information from Social Web Streams (Page 305)
Fabian Abel, Claudia Hauff, Geert-Jan Houben, Richard Stronkman, Ke Tao

SWIPE: Searching Wikipedia by Example (Page 309)
Maurizio Atzori, Carlo Zaniolo

ProFoUnd: Program-Analysis-based Form Understanding (Page 313)
Michael Benedikt, Tim Furche, Andreas Savvides, Pierre Senellart

A Social Network for Video Annotation and Discovery Based on Semantic Profiling (Page 317)
Marco Bertini, Alberto Del Bimbo, Andrea Ferracani, Daniele Pezzatini

GovWILD: Integrating Open Government Data for Transparency (Page 321)
Christoph Böhm, Markus Freitag, Arvid Heise, Claudia Lehmann, Andrina Mascher, Felix Naumann, Vuk Ercegovac, Mauricio Hernandez, Peter Haase, Michael Schmidt

FreeQ: An Interactive Query Interface for Freebase (Page 325)
Elena Demidova, Xuan Zhou, Wolfgang Nejdl

Querying Socio-Spatial Networks on the World-Wide Web (Page 329)
Yerach Doytsher, Ben Galon, Yaron Kanza

Scalable, Flexible and Generic Instant Overview Search (Page 333)
Pavlos Fafalios, Ioannis Kitsos, Yannis Tzitzikas

Wiser: A Web-Based Interactive Route Search System for Smartphones (Page 337)
Roi Friedman, Itsik Hefez, Yaron Kanza, Roy Levin, Eliyahu Safra, Yehoshua Sagiv

Automatically Learning Gazetteers from the Deep Web (Page 341)
Tim Furche, Giovanni Grasso, Giorgio Orsi, Christian Schallhart, Cheng Wang

FindiLike: Preference Driven Entity Search (Page 345)
Kavita Ganesan, ChengXiang Zhai

Partisan Scale (Page 349)
Sedat Gokalp, Hasan Davulcu

OPAL: A Passe-partout for Web Forms (Page 353)
Xiaonan Guo, Jochen Kranzdorf, Tim Furche, Giovanni Grasso, Giorgio Orsi, Christian Schallhart

Round-Trip Semantics with Sztakipedia and DBpedia Spotlight (Page 357)
Mihály Héder, Pablo Mendes

ResEval Mash: A Mashup Tool for Advanced Research Evaluation (Page 361)
Muhammad Imran, Felix Kling, Stefano Soi, Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati, Maurizio Marchese

T@gz : Intuitive and Effortless Categorization and Sharing of Email Conversations (Page 365)
Parag Joshi, Claudio Bartolini, Sven Graupner

Visual oXPath: Robust Wrapping by Example (Page 369)
Jochen Kranzdorf, Andrew Sellers, Giovanni Grasso, Christian Schallhart, Tim Furche

Adding Wings to Red Bull Media: Search and Display Semantically Enhanced Video Fragments (Page 373)
Thomas Kurz, Sebastian Schaffert, Georg Güntner, Manuel Fernández

Kjing (Mix the knowledge) (Page 377)
Daniel Lacroix, Yves-Armel Martin

Interactive Hypervideo Visualization for Browsing Behavior Analysis (Page 381)
Luis Leiva, Roberto Vivó

Simplifying Friendlist Management (Page 385)
Yabing Liu, Bimal Viswanath, Mainack Mondal, Krishna Gummadi, Alan Mislove

The RaiNewsbook: Browsing Worldwide Multimodal News Stories by Facts, Entities and Dates (Page 389)
Maurizio Montagnuolo, Alberto Messina

BabelNetXplorer: A Platform for Multilingual Lexical Knowledge Base Access and Exploration (Page 393)
Roberto Navigli, Simone Paolo Ponzetto

H2RDF: Adaptive Query Processing on RDF Data in the Cloud (Page 397)
Nikolaos Papailiou, Ioannis Konstantinou, Dimitrios Tsoumakos, Nectarios Koziris

Paraimpu: A Platform for a Social Web of Things (Page 401)
Antonio Pintus, Davide Carboni, Andrea Piras

Automated Semantic Tagging of Speech Audio (Page 405)
Yves Raimond, Chris Lowis, Roderick Hodgson, Jonathan Tweed

Baya: Assisted Mashup Development as a Service (Page 409)
Soudip Roy Chowdhury, Carlos Rodr'iguez, Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati

S2S Architecture and Faceted Browsing Applications (Page 413)
Eric Rozell, Peter Fox, Jin Zheng, Jim Hendler

Turning a Web 2.0 Social Network into a Web 3.0, Distributed, and Secured Social Web Application (Page 417)
Henry Story, Romain Blin, Julien Subercaze, Christophe Gravier, Pierre Maret

Adding Fake Facts to Ontologies (Page 421)
Fabian Suchanek, David Gross-Amblard

In the Mood for Affective Search with Web Stereotypes (Page 425)
Tony Veale, Yanfen Hao

CASIS: A System for Concept-Aware Social Image Search (Page 429)
Ba Quan Truong, Aixin Sun, Sourav Bhowmick

Personalized Newscasts and Social Networks: A Prototype Built Over a Flexible Integration Model (Page 433)
Luca Vignaroli, Roberto Del Pero, Fulvio Negro

An Early Warning System for Unrecognized Drug Side Effects Discovery (Page 437)
Hao Wu, Hui Fang, Steven Stanhope

Titan: A System for Effective Web Service Discovery (Page 441)
Jian Wu, Liang Chen, Yanan Xie, Zibin Zheng

Deep Answers for Naturally Asked Questions on the Web of Data (Page 445)
Mohamed Yahya, Klaus Berberich, Shady Elbassuoni, Maya Ramanath, Volker Tresp, Gerhard Weikum

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Poster Track

www2012 magenta bullet

Message from the Poster Track Chairs (Page 449)
Lionel Médini, Yi Chang

Associating Structured Records to Text Documents (Page 451)
Rakesh Agrawal, Ariel Fuxman, Anitha Kannan, John Shafer, Partha Talukdar

Textual and Contextual Patterns for Sentiment Analysis over Microblogs (Page 453)
Fotis Aisopos, George Papadakis, Konstantinos Tserpes, Theodora Varvarigou

PAC'nPost: A Framework for a Micro-Blogging Social Network in an Unstructured P2P Network (Page 455)
H. Asthana, Ingemar Cox

The Impact of Visual Appearance on User Response in Online Display Advertising (Page 457)
Javad Azimi, Ruofei Zhang, Yang Zhou, Vidhya Navalpakkam, Jianchang Mao, Xiaoli Fern

Impact of Ad Impressions on Dynamic Commercial Actions: Value Attribution in Marketing Campaigns (Page 459)
Joel Barajas, Ram Akella, Marius Holtan, Jaimie Kwon, Aaron Flores, Victor Andrei

Audience Dynamics of Online Catch Up TV (Page 461)
Thomas Beauvisage, Jean-Samuel Beuscart

Group Recommendations Via Multi-Armed Bandits (Page 463)
José Bento, Stratis Ioannidis, S. Muthukrishnan, Jinyun Yan

A Revenue Sharing Mechanism for Federated Search and Advertising (Page 465)
Marco Brambilla, Sofia Ceppi, Nicola Gatti, Enrico Gerding

Efficient Multi-View Maintenance in the Social Semantic Web (Page 467)
Matthias Broecheler, Andrea Pugliese, V.S. Subrahmanian

BlueFinder: Estimate Where a Beach Photo Was Taken (Page 469)
Liangliang Cao, John Smith, Zhen Wen, Zhijun Yin, Xin Jin, Jiawei Han

News Comments Generation via Mining MicroBlogs (Page 471)
Xuezhi Cao, Kailong Chen, Rui Long, Guoqing Zheng, Yong Yu

MobiMash: End User Development for Mobile Mashups (Page 473)
Cinzia Cappiello, Maristella Matera, Matteo Picozzi, Alessandro Caio, Mariano Tomas Guevara

Privacy Management for Online Social Networks (Page 475)
Gorrell Cheek, Mohamed Shehab

Fast and Cost-efficient Bid Estimation for Contextual Ads (Page 477)
Ye Chen, Pavel Berkhin, Jie Li, Sharon Wan, Tak Yan

Fast Query Evaluation for Ad Retrieval (Page 479)
Ye Chen, Mitali Gupta, Tak Yan

CONSENTO: A Consensus Search Engine for Answering Subjective Queries (Page 481)
Jaehoon Choi, Donghyeon Kim, Seongsoon k, Junkyu Lee, Sangrak Lim, Sunwon Lee, Jaewoo Kang

Good Abandonments in Factoid Queries (Page 483)
Aleksandr Chuklin, Pavel Serdyukov

Potential Good Abandonment Prediction (Page 485)
Aleksandr Chuklin, Pavel Serdyukov

Ubiquitous Access Control for SPARQL Endpoints: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges (Page 487)
Luca Costabello, Serena Villata, Nicolas Delaforge, Fabien Gandon

Mining for Insights in the Search Engine Query Stream (Page 489)
Ovidiu Dan, Pavel Dmitriev, Ryen White

Developing Domain-Specific Mashup Tools for End Users (Page 491)
Florian Daniel, Muhammad Imran, Felix Kling, Stefano Soi, Fabio Casati, Maurizio Marchese

Discovery and Reuse of Composition Knowledge for Assisted Mashup Development (Page 493)
Florian Daniel, Carlos Rodriguez, Soudip Roy Chowdhury, Hamid Motahari Nezhad, Fabio Casati

Towards Personalized Learning to Rank for Epidemic Intelligence Based on Social Media Streams (Page 495)
Ernesto Diaz-Aviles, Avaré Stewart, Edward Velasco, Kerstin Denecke, Wolfgang Nejdl

D2RQ/Update: Updating Relational Data via Virtual RDF (Page 497)
Vadim Eisenberg, Yaron Kanza

HeterRank: Addressing Information Heterogeneity for Personalized Recommendation in Social Tagging Systems (Page 499)
Wei Feng, Jianyong Wang

Domain Adaptive Answer Extraction for Discussion Boards (Page 501)
Ankur Gandhe, Dinesh Raghu, Rose Catherine

Towards Multiple Identity Detection in Social Networks (Page 503)
Kahina Gani, Hakim Hacid, Ryan Skraba

How Shall We Catch People's Concerns in Micro-Blogging? (Page 505)
Heng Gao, Qiudan Li, Hongyun Bao, Shuangyong Song

Link Prediction via Latent Factor BlockModel (Page 507)
Sheng Gao, Ludovic Denoyer, Patrick Gallinari

Using Toolbar Data to Understand Yahoo! Answers Usage (Page 509)
Giovanni Gardelli, Ingmar Weber

SnoopyTagging: Recommending Contextualized Tags to Increase the Quality and Quantity of Meta-Information (Page 511)
Wolfgang Gassler, Eva Zangerle, Martin Bürgler, Günther Specht

Comparative Evaluation of JavaScript Frameworks (Page 513)
Andreas Gizas, Sotiris Christodoulou, Theodore Papatheodorou

Getting More RDF Support from Relational Databases (Page 515)
François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu, Alexandra Roatis

S2ORM: Exploiting Syntactic and Semantic Information for Opinion Retrieval (Page 517)
Liqiang Guo, Xiaojun Wan

All Our Messages Are Belong to Us: Usable Confidentiality in Social Networks (Page 519)
Marian Harbach, Sascha Fahl, Thomas Muders, Matthew Smith

Populating Personal Linked Data Caches Using Context Models (Page 521)
Olaf Hartig, Tom Heath

Probabilistic Critical Path Identification for Cost-Effective Monitoring of Service-Based Web Applications (Page 523)
Qiang He, Jun Han, Yun Yang, Jean-Guy Schneider, Hai Jin, Steve Versteeg

A Statistical Approach to URL-Based Web Page Clustering (Page 525)
Inma Hernández, Carlos Rivero, David Ruiz, Rafael Corchuelo

Frequent Temporal Social Behavior Search in Information Networks (Page 527)
Hsun-Ping Hsieh, Cheng-Te Li, Shou-De Lin

TripRec: Recommending Trip Routes from Large Scale Check-In Data (Page 529)
Hsun-Ping Hsieh, Cheng-Te Li, Shou-De Lin

Social Status and Role Analysis of Palin's Email Network (Page 531)
Xia Hu, Huan Liu

The Affects of Task Difficulty on Medical Searches (Page 533)
Anushia Inthiran Inthiran, Saadat M Alhashmi Alhashmi, Pervaiz K Ahmed Ahmed

Leveraging Interlingual Classification to Improve Web Search (Page 535)
Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi, Paul Bennett, Krysta Svore

Modeling Click-Through Based Word-pairs for Web Search (Page 537)
Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi, Jianfeng Gao

Google Image Swirl; A Large-Scale Content-Based Image Visualization System (Page 539)
Yushi Jing, Henry Rowley, Jingbin Wang, David Tsai, Chuck Rosenberg, Michele Covell

Identifying Sentiments in N-grams (Page 541)
Noriaki Kawamae

StormRider: Harnessing "Storm" for Social Networks (Page 543)
Vaibhav Khadilkar, Murat Kantarcioglu, Bhavani Thuraisingham

Learning from Positive and Unlabeled Amazon Reviews: Towards Identifying Trustworthy Reviewers (Page 545)
Marios Kokkodis

Treehugger or Petrolhead? Identifying Bias by Comparing Online News Articles with Political Speeches (Page 547)
Ralf Krestel, Alex Wall, Wolfgang Nejdl

Towards Optimizing the Non-Functional Service Matchmaking Time (Page 549)
Kyriakos Kritikos, Dimitris Plexousakis

Measuring Usefulness of Context for Context-Aware Ranking (Page 551)
Andrey Kustarev, Yury Ustinovsky, Pavel Serduykov

TEM: A Novel Perspective to Modeling Content on Microblogs (Page 553)
Himabindu Lakkaraju, Hyung-Il Ahn

Using Proximity to Predict Activity in Social Networks (Page 555)
Kristina Lerman, Suradej Intagorn, Jeon-Hyung Kang, Rumi Ghosh

Finding Influential Seed Successors in Social Networks (Page 557)
Cheng-Te Li, Hsun-Ping Hsieh, Shou-De Lin, Man-Kwan Shan

Influence Propagation and Maximization for Heterogeneous Social Networks (Page 559)
Cheng-Te Li, Shou-De Lin, Man-Kwan Shan

Dynamic Selection of Activation Targets to Boost the Influence Spread in Social Networks (Page 561)
Cheng-Te Li, Man-Kwan Shan, Shou-De Lin

GPU-Based Minwise Hashing (Page 565)
Ping Li, Anshumali Shrivastava, Christian Konig

CloudSpeller: Query Spelling Correction by Using a Unified Hidden Markov Model with Web-Scale Resources (Page 567)
Yanen Li, Huizhong Duan, ChengXiang Zhai

Sentiment Classification Via Integrating Multiple Feature Presentations (Page 569)
Yuming Lin, Jingwei Zhang, Xiaoling Wang, Aoying Zhou

Tuning Parameters of the Expected Reciprocal Rank (Page 571)
Yury Logachev, Lidia Grauer, Pavel Serdyukov

Conversations Reconstruction in the Social Web (Page 573)
Juan Antonio Lossio Ventura, Hakim Hacid, Arnaud Ansiaux, Maria Laura Maag

Secure Querying of Recursive XML Views: A Standard XPath-based Technique (Page 575)
Houari Mahfoud, Abdessamad Imine

GoThere: Travel Suggestions Using Geotagged Photos (Page 577)
Abdul Majid, Ling Chen, Gencai Chen, Hamid Mirza, Ibrar Hussain

Ad-hoc Ride Sharing Application Using Continuous SPARQL Queries (Page 579)
Debnath Mukherjee, Snehasis Banerjee, Prateep Misra

Sparse Linear Methods with Side Information for Top-N Recommendations (Page 581)
Xia Ning, George Karypis

Sentiment Analysis Amidst Ambiguities in YouTube Comments on Yoruba Language (Nollywood) Movies (Page 583)
Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye, Saadat M. Alhashmi, Siew Eu-gene

C4PS - Colors for Privacy Settings (Page 585)
Thomas Paul, Martin Stopczynski, Daniel Puscher, Melanie Volkamer, Thorsten Strufe

Extracting Advertising Keywords from URL Strings (Page 587)
Santosh Raju, Raghavendra Udupa

Instrumenting a Logic Programming Language to Gather Provenance from an Information Extraction Application (Page 589)
Christine Reilly, Yueh-Hsuan Chiang, Jeffrey Naughton

Lexical Quality as a Proxy for Web Text Understandability (Page 591)
Luz Rello, Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Latent Contextual Indexing of Annotated Documents (Page 593)
Christian Sengstock, Michael Gertz

APOLLO: A General Framework for Populating Ontology with Named Entities via Random Walks on Graphs (Page 595)
Wei Shen, Jianyong Wang, Ping Luo, Min Wang

Multiple Spreaders Affect the Indirect Influence on Twitter (Page 597)
Xin Shuai, Ying Ding, Jerome Busemeyer

Entity Based Translation Language Model (Page 599)
Amit Singh

Enabling Accent Resilient Speech Based Information Retrieval (Page 601)
Koushik Sinha, Geetha Manjunath, Raveesh Sharma, Viswanath Gangavaram, Pooja A, Deepak Murugaian

Dynamical Information Retrieval Modelling: A Portfolio-Armed Bandit Machine Approach (Page 603)
Marc Sloan, Jun Wang

Detecting Dynamic Association Among Twitter Topics (Page 605)
Shuangyong Song, Qiudan Li, Hongyun Bao

Using Community Information to Improve the Precision of Link Prediction Methods (Page 607)
Sucheta Soundarajan, John Hopcroft

Open and Decentralized Platform for Visualizing Web Mash-ups in Augmented and Mirror Worlds (Page 609)
Vlad Stirbu, David Murphy, Yu You

Actualization of Query Suggestions Using Query Logs (Page 611)
Alisa Strizhevskaya, Alexey Baytin, Irina Galinskaya, Pavel Serdyukov

Query Spelling Correction Using Multi-Task Learning (Page 613)
Xu Sun, Anshumali Shrivastava, Ping Li

Incorporating Seasonal Time Series Analysis with Search Behavior Information in Sales Forecasting (Page 615)
Yuchen Tian, Yiqun Liu, Danqing Xu, Ting Yao, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma

Photo-TaPE: User Privacy Preferences in Photo Tagging (Page 617)
Vincent Toubiana, Vincent Verdot, Benoit Christophe, Mathieu Boussard

Understanding Human Movement Semantics: A Point of Interest Based Approach (Page 619)
Ionut Trestian, Kévin Huguenin, Ling Su, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic

Scalable Multi Stage Clustering of Tagged Micro-Messages (Page 621)
Oren Tsur, Adi Littman, Ari Rappoport

Seeing the Best and Worst of Everything on the Web with a Two-level, Feature-rich Affect Lexicon (Page 623)
Tony Veale

Unified Classification Model for Geotagging Websites (Page 625)
Alexey Volkov, Pavel Serdyukov

Selling Futures Online Advertising Slots via Option Contracts (Page 627)
Jun Wang, Bowei Chen

Model News Relatedness Through User Comments (Page 629)
Xuanhui Wang, Jian Bian, Yi Chang, Belle Tseng

A Data-Driven Sketch of Wikipedia Editors (Page 631)
Robert West, Ingmar Weber, Carlos Castillo

A Framework to Represent and Mine Knowledge Evolution from Wikipedia Revisions (Page 633)
Xian Wu, Wei Fan, Meilun Sheng, Li Zhang, Xiaoxiao Shi, Zhong Su, Yong Yu

Review Spam Detection Via Time Series Pattern Discovery (Page 635)
Sihong Xie, Guan Wang, Shuyang Lin, Philip S Yu

Combining Classification with Clustering for Web Person Disambiguation (Page 637)
Jian Xu, Qin Lu, Zhengzhong Liu

Exploiting Various Implicit Feedback for Collaborative Filtering (Page 639)
Byoungju Yang, Sangkeun Lee, Sungchan Park, Sang-goo Lee

The Effect of Links on Networked User Engagement (Page 641)
Elad Yom-Tov, Mounia Lalmas, Georges Dupret, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Pinard Donmez, Janette Lehmann

Investigating Bias in Traditional Media Through Social Media (Page 643)
Arjumand Younus, Muhammad Atif Qureshi, Suneel Kumar Kingrani, Muhammad Saeed, Nasir Touheed, Colm O'Riordan, Pasi Gabriella

Enhancing Naive Bayes with Various Smoothing Methods for Short Text Classification (Page 645)
Quan Yuan, Gao Cong, Nadia Thalmann

Filtering and Ranking Schemes for Finding Inclusion Dependencies on the Web (Page 647)
Erika Yumiya, Atsuyuki Morishima, Masami Takahashi, Shigeo Sugimoto, Hiroyuki Kitagawa

Exploiting Shopping and Reviewing Behavior to Re-Score Online Evaluations (Page 649)
Rong Zhang, ChaoFeng Sha, Minqi Zhou, Aoying Zhou

Why Do You Ask This?: Using Toolbar Data to Identify Common Patterns of Q&A Users (Page 815)
Giovanni Gardelli, Ingmar Weber

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SWDM'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 blue bullet

Message from the SWDM Workshop Chairs (Page 651)
Maja Vukovic, Soundar Kumara, Vassilis Kostakos

Information Cascades in Social Media in Response to a Crisis: A Preliminary Model and a Case Study (Page 653)
Cindy Hui, Yulia Tyshchuk, William Wallace, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Mark Goldberg

User Community Reconstruction Using Sampled Microblogging Data (Page 657)
Miki Enoki, Yohei Ikawa, Raymond Rudy

Towards Situational Pattern Mining from Microblogging Activity (Page 661)
Nathan Gnanasambandam, Keith Thompson, Ion Ho, Sarah Lam, Sang Won Yoon

Mining Conversations of Geographically Changing Users (Page 667)
Liam McNamara, Christian Rohner

Characterization of Social Media Response to Natural Disasters (Page 671)
Seema Nagar, Aaditeshwar Seth, Anupam Joshi

Rumor Spreading and Inoculation of Nodes in Complex Networks (Page 675)
Anurag Singh, Yatindra Singh

Bursty Event Detection from Text Streams for Disaster Management (Page 679)
Sungjun Lee, Sangjin Lee, Kwanho Kim, Jonghun Park

Automatic Sub-Event Detection in Emergency Management Using Social Media (Page 683)
Daniela Pohl, Abdelhamid Bouchachia, Hermann Hellwagner

Location Inference Using Microblog Messages (Page 687)
Yohei Ikawa, Miki Enoki, Michiaki Tatsubori

SocialEMIS: Improving Emergency Preparedness Through Collaboration (Page 691)
Ouejdane Mejri, Pierluigi Plebani

Emergency Situation Awareness from Twitter for Crisis Management (Page 695)
Mark Cameron, Robert Power, Bella Robinson, Jie Yin

MECA: Mobile Edge Capture and Analysis Middleware for Social Sensing Applications (Page 699)
Fan Ye, Raghu Ganti, Raheleh Dimaghani, Keith Grueneberg, Seraphin Calo

The Use of Social Media within the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) (Page 703)
Beate Stollberg, Tom de Groeve

Evaluating the Impact of Incorporating Information from Social Media Streams in Disaster Relief Routing (Page 707)
Ashlea Milburn, Clarence Wardell

Tweeting about the Tsunami? - Mining Twitter for Information on the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (Page 709)
Akiko Murakami, Tetsuya Nasukawa

Mass and Social Media Corpus Analysis after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake (Page 711)
Shosuke Sato, Michiaki Tatsubori, Fumihiko Imamura

Social Media and SMS in the Haiti Earthquake (Page 713)
Julie Dugdale, Bartel Van de Walle, Corinna Koeppinghoff

Social Web in Disaster Archives (Page 715)
Michiaki Tatsubori, Hideo Watanabe, Akihiro Shibayama, Shosuke Sato, Fumihiko Imamura

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CQA'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 orange bullet

Welcome from the CQA 2012 Workshop Chairs (Page 765)
Eugene Agichtein, Gideon Dror, Yoelle Maarek

Exploiting User Profile Information for Answer Ranking in CQA (Page 767)
Zhi-Min Zhou, Man Lan, Zheng-Yu Niu, Yue Lu

Analyzing and Predicting Question Quality in Community Question Answering Services (Page 775)
Baichuan Li, Tan Jin, Michael Lyu, Irwin King, Barley Mak

A Classification-Based Approach to Question Routing in Community Question Answering (Page 783)
Tom Chao Zhou, Michael R. Lyu, Irwin King

Finding Expert Users in Community Question Answering (Page 791)
Fatemeh Riahi, Zainab Zolaktaf, Mahdi Shafiei, Evangelos Milios

QAque: Faceted Query Expansion Techniques for Exploratory Search Using Community QA Resources (Page 799)
Atsushi Otsuka, Yohei Seki, Noriko Kando, Tetsuji Satoh

Socio-Semantic Conversational Information Access (Page 807)
Saurav Sahay, Ashwin Ram

Understanding User Intent in Community Question Answering (Page 823)
Long Chen, Dell Zhang, Levene Mark

Churn Prediction in New Users of Yahoo! Answers (Page 829)
Gideon Dror, Dan Pelleg, Oleg Rokhlenko, Idan Szpektor

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AdMIRe'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 magenta bullet

Message from AdMIRe Workshop Organizers (Page 861)
Markus Schedl, Peter Knees, Òscar Celma

Context-Aware Music Recommender Systems: Workshop Keynote Abstract (Page 865)
Francesco Ricci

Data Gathering for a Culture Specific Approach in MIR (Page 867)
Xavier Serra

Music Retagging Using Label Propagation and Robust Principal Component Analysis (Page 869)
Yi-Hsuan Yang, Dmitry Bogdanov, Perfecto Herrera, Mohamed Sordo

Mining Microblogs to Infer Music Artist Similarity and Cultural Listening Patterns (Page 877)
Markus Schedl, David Hauger

Melody, Bass Line, and Harmony Representations for Music Version Identification (Page 887)
Justin Salamon, Joan Serrà, Emilia Gómez

Power-Law Distribution in Encoded MFCC Frames of Speech, Music, and Environmental Sound Signals (Page 895)
Martín Haro, Joan Serrà, Álvaro Corral, Perfecto Herrera

Creating a Large-Scale Searchable Digital Collection from Printed Music Materials (Page 903)
Andrew Hankinson, John Burgoyne, Gabriel Vigliensoni, Ichiro Fujinaga

The Million Song Dataset Challenge (Page 909)
Brian McFee, Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, Daniel Ellis, Gert Lanckriet

Towards Minimal Test Collections for Evaluation of Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval (Page 917)
Julián Urbano, Markus Schedl

Combining Usage and Content in an Online Music Recommendation System for Music in the Long-Tail (Page 925)
Marcos A. Domingues, Fabien Gouyon, Alípio Mário Jorge, José Leal, João Vinagre, Luís Lemos, Mohamed Sordo

Adapting Similarity on the MagnaTagATune Database: Effects of Model and Feature Choices (Page 931)
Daniel Wolff, Tillman Weyde

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LSNA'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 blue bullet

Message from the Chairs of the 1st International Workshop on Large Scale Network Analysis (LSNA 2012) (Page 987)
C. Lee Giles, Qi He, John McPherson, Yuanyuan Tian, Ding Zhou

From Network Mining to Large Scale Business Networks (Page 989)
Daniel Ritter

Role-Dynamics: Fast Mining of Large Dynamic Networks (Page 997)
Ryan Rossi, Brian Gallagher, Jennifer Neville, Keith Henderson

A Fast Algorithm to Find All High Degree Vertices in Power Law Graphs (Page 1007)
Colin Cooper, Tomasz Radzik, Yiannis Siantos

Harnessing User Library Statistics for Research Evaluation and Knowledge Domain Visualization (Page 1017)
Peter Kraker, Christian Körner, Kris Jack, Michael Granitzer

MenuMiner: Revealing the Information Architecture of Large Web Sites by Analyzing Maximal Cliques (Page 1025)
Matthias Keller, Martin Nussbaumer

Large Scale Microblog Mining Using Distributed MB-LDA (Page 1035)
Chenyi Zhang, Jianling Sun

k-Centralities: Local Approximations of Global Measures Based on Shortest Paths (Page 1043)
Jürgen Pfeffer, Kathleen Carley

Building a Role Search Engine for Social Media (Page 1051)
Vanesa Junquero-Trabado, David Dominguez-Sal

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MSND'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 orange bullet

Mining Social Networks Dynamics 2012: Welcome and Preface (Page 1131)
Hakim Hacid, Shengbo Guo, Julien Velcin

Business Session "Social Media and News" (Page 1135)
Jochen Spangenberg

Graph Embedding on Spheres and Its Application to Visualization of Information Diffusion Data (Page 1137)
Kazumi Saito, Masahiro Kimura, Kouzou Ohara, Hiroshi Motoda

A Predictive Model for the Temporal Dynamics of Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks (Page 1145)
Adrien Guille, Hakim Hacid

Targeting Online Communities to Maximise Information Diffusion (Page 1153)
Václav Belák, Samantha Lam, Conor Hayes

Identifying Communicator Roles in Twitter (Page 1161)
Ramine Tinati, Leslie Carr, Wendy Hall, Jonny Bentwood

File Diffusion in a Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Network (Page 1169)
Alice Albano, Jean-Loup Guillaume, Bénédicte Le Grand

Community Cores in Evolving Networks (Page 1173)
Massoud Seifi, Jean-Loup Guillaume

Watch Me Playing, I Am a Professional: A First Study on Video Game Live Streaming (Page 1181)
Mehdi Kaytoue, Arlei Silva, Loïc Cerf, Wagner Meira, Chedy Raïssi

Supervised Rank Aggregation Approach for Link Prediction in Complex Networks (Page 1189)
Manisha Pujari, Rushed Kanawati

Predicting Information Diffusion on Social Networks with Partial Knowledge (Page 1197)
Anis Najar, Ludovic Denoyer, Patrick Gallinari

Collective Attention and the Dynamics of Group Deals (Page 1205)
Mao Ye, Thomas Sandholm, Chunyan Wang, Christina Aperjis, Bernardo Huberman

Social Networking Trends and Dynamics Detection via a Cloud-Based Framework Design (Page 1213)
Athena Vakali, Maria Giatsoglou, Stefanos Antaris

Effects of the Recession on Public Mood in the UK (Page 1221)
Thomas Lansdall-Welfare, Vasileios Lampos, Nello Cristianini

Improving News Ranking by Community Tweets (Page 1227)
Xin Shuai, Xiaozhong Liu, Johan Bollen

Twitterecho - A Distributed Focused Crawler to Support Open Research with Twitter Data (Page 1233)
Matko Bošnjak, Eduardo Oliveira, José Martins, Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues, Luís Sarmento

"Making Sense of It All": An Attempt to Aid Journalists in Analysing and Filtering User Generated Content (Page 1241)
Sotiris Diplaris, Symeon Papadopoulos, Ioannis Kompatsiaris, Nicolaus Heise, Jochen Spangenberg, Nic Newman, Hakim Hacid

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XperienceWeb'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 magenta bullet

XperienceWeb 2012 Workshop Preface (Page 717)
Sarah Jane Delany, Saurav Sahay, Nirmalie Wiratunga

Extraction of Onomatopoeia Used for Foods from Food Reviews and Its Application to Restaurant Search (Page 719)
Ayumi Kato, Yusuke Fukazawa, Tomomasa Sato, Taketoshi Mori

Solution Mining for Specific Contextualised Problems: Towards an Approach for Experience Mining (Page 729)
Christian Sauer, Thomas Roth-Berghofer

Extraction of Procedural Knowledge From the Web: A Comparison of Two Workflow Extraction Approaches (Page 739)
Pol Schumacher, Mirjam Minor, Kirstin Walter, Ralph Bergmann

Collecting, Reusing and Executing Private Workflows on Social Network Platforms (Page 747)
Sebastian Görg, Ralph Bergmann, Mirjam Minor, Sarah Gessinger, Siblee Islam

Contextual Trace-Based Video Recommendations (Page 751)
Raafat Zarka, Amélie Cordier, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond, Alain Mille

Learning from Users' Querying Experience on Intranets (Page 755)
Ibrahim Adeyanju, Dawei Song, M-Dyaa Albakour, Udo Kruschwitz, Anne De Roeck, Maria Fasli

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EMAIL'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 blue bullet

Messaging and Web of Data: Private Meets Public (Page 835)
Romain Vuillemot, Michal Laclavík, Vitor R. Carvalho

Email Between Private Use and Organizational Purpose (Page 837)
Uwe Riss

Emails as Graph: Relation Discovery in Email Archive (Page 841)
Michal Laclavík, Štefan Dlugolinský, Martin Šeleng, Marek Ciglan, Ladislav Hluchý

Interpreting Contact Details Out of E-Mail Signature Blocks (Page 847)
Gaëlle Recourcé

Context-Sensitive Business Process Support Based on Emails (Page 851)
Thomas Burkhart, Dirk Werth, Peter Loos

Full-Text Search in Email Archives Using Social Evaluation, Attached and Linked Resources (Page 857)
Vojtech Juhász

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MultiAPro'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 orange bullet

Message from the MultiA-Pro 2012 Chairs (Page 937)
Shlomo Berkovsky, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond, Geert-Jan Houben

User Profile Integration Made Easy-Model-Driven Extraction and Transformation of Social Network Schemas (Page 939)
Martin Wischenbart, Stefan Mitsch, Elisabeth Kapsammer, Angelika Kusel, Birgit Pröll, Werner Retschitzegger, Wieland Schwinger, Johannes Schönböck, Manuel Wimmer, Stephan Lechner

Multi-application Profile Updates Propagation: A Semantic Layer to Improve Mapping Between Applications (Page 949)
Nadia Bennani, Max Chevalier, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond, Gilles Hubert, Marco Viviani

Personalised Placement in Networked Video (Page 959)
Jeremy Foss, Benedita Malheiro, Juan-Carlos Burguillo

A User Profile Modelling Using Social Annotations: A Survey (Page 969)
Manel Mezghani, Corinne Zayani, Ikram Amous, Faiez Gargouri

Towards an Interoperable Device Profile Containing Rich User Constraints (Page 977)
Cédric Dromzée, Sébastien Laborie, Philippe Roose

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SWCS'12 Workshop [Web Site]

www2012 magenta bullet

Message from the Workshops Chairs of SWCS 2012 (Page 1061)
Pascal Molli, John Breslin, Sebastian Schaffert, Hideaki Takeda

Wikidata: A New Platform for Collaborative Data Collection (Page 1063)
Denny Vrandecic

User Assistance for Collaborative Knowledge Construction (Page 1065)
Pierre-Antoine Champin, Amélie Cordier, Élise Lavoué, Marie Lefevre, Hala Skaf-Molli

Knowledge Continuous Integration Process (K-CIP) (Page 1075)
Hala Skaf-Molli, Emmanuel Desmontils, Emmanuel Nauer, Gérôme Canals, Amélie Cordier, Marie Lefevre, Pascal Molli, Yannick Toussaint

Linking Justifications in the Collaborative Semantic Web Applications (Page 1083)
Rakebul Hasan, Fabien Gandon

Synchronizing Semantic Stores with Commutative Replicated Data Types (Page 1091)
Luis Daniel Ibáñez, Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli, Olivier Corby

Building Consensus via a Semantic Web Collaborative Space (Page 1097)
George Anadiotis, Konstantinos Kafentzis, John Pavlopoulos, Adam Westerski

Improving Wikipedia with DBpedia (Page 1107)
Diego Torres, Pascal Molli, Hala Skaf-Molli, Alicia Diaz

Man-Machine Collaboration to Acquire Cooking Adaptation Knowledge for the TAAABLE Case-Based Reasoning System (Page 1113)
Amélie Cordier, Emmanuelle Gaillard, Emmanuel Nauer

Community: Issues, Definitions, and Operationalization on the Web (Page 1121)
Guo Zhang, Elin Jacob