Fixing the Web One Page at a Time, or Actually Implementing xkcd #37

Thomas Steiner, Ruben Verborgh, Rik Van de Walle

Spot the errors

"The World Wide Web - a system of interlinked hypertext documents, a provider of endless knowledge and a source of kitten pictures - is unfortunately seriously broken..." :-(  

Common pollutants on the Web

…and most importantly:
the [adjective]-ass [noun] case

R. Munroe. Hyphen.

is a serious situation.

What if the Web could fix itself one page at a time?

There is
an app
for that!

Introducing the xkcd#37 extension

Easy to fix with regular expressions

How to fix that dumb-ass xkcd #37?

How to get all the text nodes?

Let's test which one is the fastest:

We still need to fix dynamic pages

Enough. Let's fix the Web!

Isn't that awesome?

Tired of browsing a broken Web?