List of accepted papers sorted by title

  • 22 A JavaScript RDF store and application library for linked data client applications
    Antonio Garrote Hernández and María N. Moreno García
  • 6 ACE: An Adaptive CSS Engine for Web Pages and Web-based Applications
    Luis A. Leiva
  • 39 API Blender: A Uniform Interface to Social Platform APIs
    Georges Gouriten and Pierre Senellart
  • 42 Automated Linking Data with Apache Stanbol
    Olivier Grisel
  • 41 Better Web Development with WebKit Remote Debugging
    Ashutosh Jagdish Sharma
  • 44 Client-server Web applications with Ocsigen
    Vincent Balat, Pierre Chambart and Grégoire Henry
  • 50 Decoupling Content Management
    Szabolcs Grünwald and Henri Bergius
  • 28 Enabling on-the-fly Video Shot Detection on YouTube
    Thomas Steiner, Ruben Verborgh, Joaquim Gabarro, Michael Hausenblas, Raphael Troncy and Rik Van De Walle
  • 27 Enriching the web with CSS Filters
    Raul Hudea, Rik Cabanier and Vincent Hardy
  • 32 Fixing the Web one page at a time, or actually implementing xkcd #37
    Thomas Steiner and Ruben Verborgh
  • 43 How to Run your Favorite Language in Web Browsers
    Benjamin Canou, Emmanuel Chailloux and Jérôme Vouillon
  • 4 JavaScript library for audio/video timeline representation
    Samuel Goldszmidt
  • 17 LDIF – A Framework for Large-Scale Linked Data Integration
    Andreas Schultz, Andrea Matteini, Robert Isele, Christian Bizer and Christian Becker
  • 36 Let Google Index Your Media Fragment
    Yunjia Li, Mike Wald and Gary Wills
  • 14 The DataTank: an Open Data adapter with semantic output
    Miel Vander Sande, Pieter Colpaert, Davy Van Deursen, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle
  • 16 The Information Workbench as a Self-Service Platform for Developing Linked Data Applications
    Christian Huetter, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Schwarte and Peter Haase
  • 49 The Kasabi Information Marketplace
    Knud Hinnerk Möller and Leigh Dodds
  • 37 Visualizing Large Image Datasets in 3D Using WebGL and Media Fragments
    Charles Hollemeersch, Bart Pieters, Aljosha Demeulemeester, Davy Van Deursen, Peter Lambert and Rik Van De Walle
  • 8 WebCL for Hardware-Accelerated Web Applications
    Won Jeon, Tasneem Brutch and Simon Gibbs
  • 11 WikiNext, a JavaScript Semantic Wiki
    Pavel Arapov and Michel Buffa