List of accepted industrial track papers sorted by title

  • Answering math queries with search engines
    Shahab Kamali, Johnson Apacible and Yasaman Hosseinkashi
  • Clustering and Load Balancing Optimization for Redundant Content Removal
    Shanzhong Zhu, Alexandra Potapova, Maha Alabduljali, Xin Liu and Tao Yang
  • Data Extraction from Web Pages Based on Structural-Semantic Entropy
    Xiaoqing Zheng
  • Delta-Reasoner: a Semantic Web Reasoner for an Intelligent Mobile Platform
    Boris Motik, Ian Horrocks and Su Myeon Kim
  • FoCUS: Learning to Crawl Web Forums
    Jingtian Jiang, Nenghai Yu and Chin-Yew Lin
  • Hierarchical Composable Optimization of Web Pages
    Ronny Lempel, Edward Bortnikov, Oren Somekh, Ronen Barenboim, Scott Roy, Amit Kagian, Liran Katzir, Nadav Golbandi and Hayim Makabee
  • Optimizing User Exploring Experience in Emerging E-Commerce Products
    Xiubo Geng, Xin Fan, Jiang Bian, Xin Li, Zhongyan Zhang and Zhaohui Zheng
  • Outage Detection via Real-time Social Stream Analysis: Leveraging the Power of On-line Complaints
    Eriq Augustine, Cailin Cushing, Alex Dekhtyar, Kevin Mcentee, Kimberly Paterson and Matt Tognett
  • Rewriting Null e-commerce Queries to Recommend Products
    Gyanit Singh, Nish Parikh and Neel Sundaresan
  • Towards Expressive Exploratory Search Over Entity-Relationship Data
    Sivan Yogev, Haggai Roitman, David Carmel and Naama Zwerdling
  • Web-Scale User Modeling for Targeting
    Mohamed Aly, Andrew Hatch, Vanja Josifovski and Vijay K. Narayanan