List of PhD symposium papers sorted by title

  • A Generic Graph-based Multidimensional Recommendation Framework and Its Implementations
    Sangkeun Lee
  • AMBER: Turning Annotations into Knowledge
    Cheng Wang
  • A Policy Sharing Semantic Infrastructure for Resident Communities of Energy Efficient Smart Homes
    Vikash Kumar
  • Augmenting the Web with Accountability
    Oshani Seneviratne
  • Binary RDF for Scalable Publishing, Exchanging and Consumption in the Web of Data
    Javier D. Fernández
  • Building reputation and trust using federated search and opinion mining
    Somayeh Khatiban
  • Chinese News Event 5W1H Semantic Elements Extraction for Event Ontology Population
    Wei Wang
  • CONCLUDE: Complex network cluster detection for social and biological applications
    Emilio Ferrara
  • Context-Aware Image Semantic Extraction in the Social Web
    Massimiliano Ruocco
  • Context Identification of Sentences in Research Articles: Towards Developing Intelligent Information Systems
    Angrosh M.A.
  • Cyberbullying Detection; A Step Toward a Safer Internet Yard
    Maral Dadvar
  • From Linked Data to Linked Entities: A Migration Path
    Giovanni Bartolomeo
  • Intelligent crawling of Web applications for Web archiving
    Muhammad Faheem
  • Modeling the Flow and Change of Information on the Web
    Nataliia Pobiedina
  • Scalable Search Platform: Improving the Pipelined Query Processing for Distributed Full-Text Retrieval
    Simon Jonassen
  • Semi-Automatic Semantic Moderation of Web Annotations
    Elaheh Momeni
  • Semi-structured Semantic Overlay for Information Retrieval in Self-organizing Network
    Yulian Yang
  • User-generated Metadata in Audio-visual Collections
    Riste Gligorov