List of accepted papers sorted by title

  • Bridging the Gap: A Reflection on an Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Media Research
    Pablo Aragón, Jessica Gould, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, Karolin Kapler, David Laniado, Ricard Ruiz de Querol, Carlos Ullod and Yana Volkovich
  • Collective Individuation: A New Theoretical Foundation for the Social Web
    Yuk Hui and Harry Halpin
  • Does the Internet ‘absorb’ human subjectivity and sociality? The limitations of two current dynamic process models to answer this question.
    Jeff Vass
  • Emotion aware clustering analysis as a tool for Web 2.0 communities detection: Implications for curriculum development
    Athena Vakali and Konstantinos Kafetsios
  • Exploring Social Networks with Topical Analysis
    Jiyeon Jang, Jinhyuk Choi, Gwan Jang and Sung-Hyon Myaeng
  • Exploring the Web of Coined Catchy Phrases
    Torbjörn Lager and Jenny Myredal
  • Information Overload In Social Media Streams And The Approaches To Solve It
    Maria Grineva and Maxim Grinev
  • Modeling User Reports in Crowdmaps as a Complex Network
    Carlos Caminha and Vasco Furtado
  • Patents: a stress-test for the linked data web?
    Marie-Christine Kominowski, Keri Rowles, Arne Kruger and Nigel Shadbolt
  • The development of a new model of governance for online defamation in light of the emergence of social web technologies
    Sarosh Khan, Roksana Moore and Mark Weal
  • The State of Open Data – Limits of Current Open Data Platforms
    Katrin Braunschweig, Julian Eberius, Maik Thiele and Wolfgang Lehner
  • Traces of Social Media Activism from Malaysia and Pakistan
    M. Atif Qureshi, Arjumand Younus, Lay-Ki Soon, Muhammad Saeed, Nasir Touheed and Colm O’Riordan
  • Trustworthiness of Linked Data Using PKI
    Enayat Rajabi and Mohsen Kahani
  • Understanding the mechanics of online collective action using ‘big data’
    Scott Hale and Helen Margetts
  • Using Mixed Methods to Track the Growth of the Web: Tracing Open Government Data Initiatives
    Ramine Tinati, Leslie Carr, Susan Halford and Catherine Pope
  • Web-Scale Image Retrieval and Its Novel Applications
    Sung-Eui Yoon
  • Web Science in the SONIC Research Group
    Willem Pieterson and Noshir Contractor
  • Why Is the Shape of the Web a Bowtie?
    Panagiotis Metaxas
  • WORLD-IMPRESSION: How Do Netizens View the World?
    Lei Zhang, Lizhi Wan, Thanassis Tiropanis and Wendy Hall