Gold sponsors have priority to choose one of these options…

Gold options :

Options Price Descriptions Include
Web lounge 15 000 € Web lounges are located within the exhibition area and provide delegates with plugs for their laptops, printers, pC’s.
  • Flag sign with the sponsors’ logo,
  • The web lounge will have the sponsors’ name on all the conference signage and floor plans,
  • Logo recognition and hyperlink on the official website (sponsors’ page),
  • Personalised screensaver with the sponsors’ logo and name,
  • Homepage set to the sponsors’ website.
VIP Lounge 15 000 € This area is open to organizers’ guests and speakers. they will be able to relax, exchange enjoying a quite environnement, coffee and refreshments.
  • Signage for the VIP lounge with the sponsor’s logo,
  • Logo on the special invitation sent by the organizers to VIP and guests,
  • Sponsorship recognition on the bar and coffee tables « offered to you by… »,
  • Logo recognition on the conference website (sponsors’ page),
  • Logo recognition on the conference programme.
Delegate bags 15 000 € Distributed to all delegates upon arrival. the bags contain the conference material: programme, floorplans, cityguide… Bags are supplied by the organizer.
  • Logo on the front of the delegate bags,
  • Promotional insert in the delegate bags (flyer or brochure),
  • Logo recognition on the conference website (sponsors’ page),
  • Logo recognition in the conference programme.